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IT Staffing Professionals

Is your organization currently struggling to stay abreast with the evolving technological field? Do you find it hard to upgrade your current system by moving to the cloud or adopting the latest CMS technology due to high cost of skilled labor? When you find yourself at crossroads, One Elite Staffing provides a shoulder to lean on.

Our company’s comprehensive approach, spectrum of IT field helps to equip various organizations with top notch talents, skills and expertise to supplement the appropriate technology requirements.

Our major staffing areas in the IT field includes:

  • Cyber Security

  • Oracle Database Services

  • ERP automation systems

  • IT Technical Support  

  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

  • Web developers

  • Database Development and Operation

  • Network design, engineering and maintenance

  • Information and Network security

  • Software and application development and engineering

  • IT Project Management

  • IT Communication Infrastructure Support such as voice, data and video communications

The Process of Sourcing for Professionals:

ONE Elite Staffing has many years of experience in recruiting & staffing services. We have IT recruiters, with the best expertise and knowledge, who readily assess the needs, the goals, the technical environment and the culture of your business to as to be able to recommend qualified and efficient IT staff on permanent or temporary basis. 


ONE Elite Staffing employs both the traditional practices and the online tools to carefully assess and recruit staff for our clients. We also maintain database of qualified IT personnel with different ranges of skill. This database enables us to easily source and match necessary skill with the requirements of our client.

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