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"Unparalleled Loyalty To Recruit, Train & Retain"

“Professional. People. Placement.”


ONE Elite Staffing, the human resources division within RD Adams Enterprises LLC, provides executive recruitment, professional staffing, and training, customized training solutions and HR executive management industry, to the public, private and government entities.


ONE Elite Staffing understand that a project's success is determined by the right staff with the expertise and skill sets needed to meet strict regulations and tight deadlines. Our founder's years of experience, global reach, and recruiting procedures allows ONE Elite have the capacity to rapidly ramp up and deploy highly skilled personnel our clients need...when they need them.

Our management team has provided expert recruitment, staffing and training, and claim handling services that have changed the way their customers do business.


Whether you need flexible workforce solutions, national reach, improved efficiency or fast access to our finest personnel—your relationship with ONE Elite Staffing will be a beneficial one.


We aim to become well known for our strong commitment to technical excellence, an unparalleled loyalty to our customers and a dedication to recruit, train, develop and retain the best talent to meet customers’ needs. 

When looking for staffing agencies, executive recruitment and training, we are the company to find that solution.



Quality  We strive to provide quality services that match our clients’ and customers goals, we offer value-added services for the life of the project and beyond.


Integrity  We always strive to do the right thing  and follow our commitment to the highest level relationship between us and our clients 


People  We strive to attract and retain highly skilled talent candidates where we inspire our teammates to invest into their professional and personal career development by rewarding them, on their accomplishments by having their goal job.


Honesty  We firmly believe and practice honest and ethical business practices 


“ONE Elite Staffing helped me to meet my career goal in obtaining the job that I wanted” 

Maria, Kouzon Corporation

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